How to record a WhatsApp video call on Android

Yes, it is possible to use WhatsApp on multiple devices at the same time!

You always thought it was impossible to use WhatsApp simultaneously on multiple devices, but there is (finally) a solution: Join. This application was created by the same developer as the one who made the famous Tasker app, and it can work miracles, without even rooting the device.

What can Join do?

Join allows you to synchronize incoming notifications on your smartphone with other devices such as tablets, PCs, Chromebooks and more. The application is compatible with Windows, is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and is compatible with IFTTT, Node-Red and MQTT! You can practically use Join whatever device you are using.

The great versatility of Join allows you to synchronize not only notifications but also SMS, MMS, group chat, clipboard (what you have "copi" and you intend to paste), allows you to change distance the funds and thanks to integration with Tasker, IFTTT and Google Assistant, you will potentially be able to control other gadgets. With Join, you can also send walkie-talkie voice messages between your smartphones. A multifunctional application that leaves room for improvisation!

In addition, the application operates over the Internet, it is not necessary that your devices are connected to the same local network.

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Do you use a smartphone for work and another for private life? Registering can make your life easier / AndroidPIT

Here is the follow

As a journalist, I often have to have more than one smartphone for one reason or another. However, it is not always possible (or practical) to use applications such as WhatsApp simultaneously, they are limiting activation on a single device. Join is the application that helped me solve this problem and in this quick and easy guide, I want to explain how I configured the application to work around this WhatsApp limitation.

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In 2019, WhatsApp still does not natively allow simultaneous use on multiple devices. AndroidPIT

Prmisse: No, you will not have access to the official app on all devices, but at least you will still be reachable no matter where the email application is installed. In addition, this guide explains how to communicate with two Android devices but the different functions are much more varied and freedom of configuration is absolute. For more convenience, we will call smartphone A the one on which WhatsApp is installed and smartphone B the one on which we want to see the notifications.

Join by joaoapps
Install on Google Play

First, you need to install Join on both Android devices that you want to sync, then sign in with the same account in the app and enable the required permissions. When you open Join, you will see a list. To sync notifications, put your hand on smartphone A then:

  • Open Join
  • In the side menu, select settings
  • Among the various very useful functions, the one that we are currently interested in is that of the Notifications
  • Enable Send notifications to activate the transfer of your alerts
  • Under the heading below, you can choose which smartphones are sent notifications, in our case select the smartphone B
  • Below you can select the apps we want to sync, in our case we chose WhatsApp

And that's all ! Yes, this is enough to synchronize WhatsApp notifications for example between your smartphone and work tablets or smartphones. When notification is received on the smartphone Ait is also transmitted to smartphone B, with text, name and photos. You can answer directly from the notification bar! Do not try to open the notification by clicking on it as you will be redirected to the WhatsApp download page. The video downloaded by the Join developer on the Google Play Store shows very clearly what the application looks like when it is put into service.

Here is a free license of Join!

Joo Dias, the developer of the application, kindly agreed to 10 codes that unlock the full version of Join. All you have to do is:

  • Open the Google Play Store
  • In the side menu, choose thechange
  • Enter one of the codes below and check that it is still valid
  • does not work? Try another code because probably the code chosen previously has already been used by a faster reader!

The sooner you get there, the better. No draw, no preference, only the ten fastest of you will have access to free registration.

Would you like to see Facebook allow WhatsApp to be used on multiple devices at the same time?

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