Xnor.ai - Project Maven

Xnor.ai withdraws from military project Maven Apple's request

Shortly after its acquisition, Apple asked Xnor.ai to stop working on Project Maven for the United States Department of Defense.

Xnor.ai - Project Maven

The information reports that Xnor.ai worked for several weeks on Project Maven with the startup Clarifai. The project would end immediately after Apple’s acquisition of the start-up, for a total of $ 200 million.

Officially announced in 2017, the Maven project included the development of computer vision technologies capable of independently analyzing images acquired by military drones and other systems. To achieve this goal, the government is working with several private companies specializing in AI technologies, including Xnor.ai.

The startup specializes in low-power artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. These can be used locally on a device rather than in the cloud. Apple could use these technologies to perform artificial intelligence processes such as image recognition directly from the iPhone, thus without going through the cloud, in order to ensure maximum protection of users' privacy.

According to preliminary information, it seems that Apple has decided to end all collaboration with the Minister of Defense to avoid implications in the military fields which are ill-suited to the image of the company.