Xiaomi would launch 3 different foldable smartphones in 2021

Xiaomi would finally enter the foldable smartphone market in 2021. According to information from a reputable analyst, the Chinese firm would also market three different phones with a foldable screen in the course of next year.

huawei mate xs xiaomi foldable

From 2019, Xiaomi has teased the arrival of its first foldable smartphone several times. The firm has even published a short video showing the design of the terminal, built around a screen that folds in three thanks to the presence of two hinges. Xiaomi has even committed to offering the foldable smartphone at a price below the symbolic threshold of 1000 euros, far from the 2000 euros requested for a Galaxy Z Fold 2 for example. Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not given any news of the project since last year.

According to information from Ross Young, CEO of analysis firm Display Supply Chain Consultants and renowned industry informant, Xiaomi would launch its first phone with a foldable screen in the spring of 2021. In fact, the brand would present a total of 3 foldable smartphones in the course of 2021. “The next foldable to hit the market will probably be Xiaomi, which is expected to have 3 foldables on the market in 2021. They will actually have 3 types of foldable smartphones” Ross Young says in a Twitter post.

Xiaomi has developed 3 different foldable smartphone designs

Xiaomi’s first foldable smartphone would be sublimated bya slab that bends outwards. According to Ross Young, it would be similar to Huawei’s Mate X. Patents filed by Xiaomi in recent months also show what the phone could look like. Once closed, the smartphone is therefore almost entirely covered by the 8-inch foldable screen. Xiaomi’s second foldable smartphone on the other hand would bend inwards, like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2. Finally, the Chinese firm would also prepare a foldable flip smartphone similar to the Galaxy Z Flip of its South Korean rival.

With this wide range of foldable phones, Xiaomi seeks to nibble Samsung’s market share by appealing to a wide range of consumers. Still according to Ross Young, many other manufacturers would enter the foldable arena in 2021. The analyst quotes in particular Google, Oppo and Vivo. Will one of its manufacturers succeed in threatening the market leader, Samsung? We await your opinion in the comments.