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Xiaomi: Quick apps get repressed by Google Play Protect

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If the Xiaomi Mi Quick apps are not available on the Play Store, they are nevertheless found on many smartphones of the brand. However, for some days, some users say they can no longer launch these applications on their smartphone. At issue: Google Play Protect, which sees these applications as malicious probably causes the advertising they are likely to display.

Xiaomi Mi 11

When you buy an Android smartphone, there is a good bet that some third-party applications, or even a store, are already installed. This is what all manufacturers do, especially Xiaomi with its Quick apps. But these are currently impossible to launch, since Google Play Protect prevents them from running. For memory, Play Protect is this service that secures Android devices by analyzing all the traffic that goes through the browser, allows you to find your smartphone in case of loss and checks the status of each application you launch and install on your device. And it seems rather effective since thanks to him, the number of smartphones victims of malware has decreased by 20% in 2018.

Google has recently updated Play Protect, Quick apps are currently prohibited to stay if you believe various users. Gagan Jain Bommaiah Satish, a security expert, had skirted the Quick Apps last April and found that they had more than 55 licenses. According to him, some could install applications without notification, capture SIM coordinates, record audio, video and calls, etc. Depending on what was collected in this analysis, applications would use this data to display target advertising in the news widget, browser, and lock screen.

Xiaomi has Google contact and reassures its users

Xiaomi quickly reacted by making the following statement: We are aware of the update regarding one of our system applications called Quick Apps. Some users may receive a notification that this app has been blocked by Google Play Protect. We are in contact with Google this topic. This is probably a revision of the Google Play Protect algorithm. Be assured that this system application is absolutely safe.

This is not the first time that pre-installed applications are caught in the turmoil because of a security problem. Recently, 146 faults have been discovered in this type of application. If, according to Xiaomi, things should get better, however, we do not know how long it takes to get Android apps back up.

Source: Android Police