Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, the HDMI dongle is back at a good price

While it is basically sold for € 39.99, the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick HDMI dongle is offered cheaper on the side of the online brand Cdiscount. It is indeed possible to get it at € 29.99. A small investment that allows you to take advantage of all the features of a real connected TV.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

You were waiting for a good plan to equip yourself with the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick HDMI dongle? You can now buy it for € 29.99 on Cdiscount. Knowing that it is generally found at € 39.99, you will therefore save a small amount of € 10.

The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is the ideal solution to realize your dream at a lower cost. This wrench, barely longer than your thumb, brings Android TV to any conventional TV with an HDMI port. And you will see it, it has many arguments to seduce.

No need for a TV box, however compact it may be to benefit from the advantages of Android TV. The Xiaomi Mi TV Stick plays the same role as the Mi Box for a much more compact size and goes much further than what a traditional Chromecast can do. Indeed, rather than broadcasting the content of a smartphone on the screen of your TV, it is all Android TV that invites it thanks to the HDMI key whose format is similar to that of the Fire TV Stick of Amazon.