Xiaomi Mi 11: a strange noise comes out of the smartphone when listening to music

Xiaomi’s Mi 11 makes a strange noise when the user is listening to music. The sound appears when pressure is exerted on the back cover of the smartphone. The Chinese manufacturer explains that the unique arrangement of its components is the cause of the problem, which should also disappear after a few seconds.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Blue

The Mi 11 has been making people happy for a few days now. Its Snapdragon 888 SoC, which crushes the Kirin 9000 of the Mate 40 Pro, has enough to do with the latest high-end smartphone Xiaomi a must of this beginning of the year. However, first testimonials could tarnish the image of the ultimate flagship stuck to the device. Indeed, it would seem that the latter produces a strange noise when its user is listening to music.

More precisely, this unknown sound is heard when pressure is exerted on the back shell from the phone. It is not present when it emits notification sounds. This is a rather unwelcome problem on a smartphone of this caliber. Nevertheless, Xiaomi has a simple explanation to this phenomenon, but which may not appeal to everyone. According to the brand, this is not a technical bug, but the consequence of the unique arrangement of the components.

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The noise comes from the unique construction of the Mi 11, according to Xiaomi

The Chinese manufacturer explains that its smartphone is different from those of its competitors. Its internal structure does not actually resemble that of a conventional device, since internal space has been optimized to the maximum in order to create a sounding board within it. The objective: boost the performance of its speakers, especially on the lowest frequencies.

The only concern: the slightest pressure on the rear shell therefore distorts this sound box, which creates this strange noise heard by its users. Likewise, the problem arises when we remove the shell to access the battery, since the internal space will be modified for a short time.

Just like Google who claims that the Pixel 5’s screen peeling off “is part of the design”, Xiaomi explains that the problem is only the result of its manufacturing choices. Therefore, there is no no solution to this one. The firm specifies, however, that the noise disappears after 10 seconds maximum. Before recalling that it is all the same strongly discouraged press too hard on the back cover, otherwise the sound quality of the smartphone will be permanently affected.

Source: ithome