Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro blanc 8Go

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: the price of the smartphone in free fall at RED by SFR

It’s winter shopping time at RED by SFR! And to celebrate, the operator offers you the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro with 200 € immediate discount. You can get it for 799 € instead of 999 €.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro white 8GB

Until February 15, you can take advantage of many offers on the RED by SFR website. The operator calls this event “Winter Shopping”.

Among these offers, you can get the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (white or gray) with 200 € discount! The smartphone then costs you € 799, instead of € 999. If you are a RED customer, you can also pay for the mobile in 4 monthly installments of € 199.75.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: a complete and efficient high-end smartphone

With its top-of-the-range finishes and services, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro has undoubtedly shaken up the smartphone market this year. Equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor and LPDDR5 RAM, it is fast and smooth.

Other good points, it benefits from a 90 Hz Oled panel with a sampling frequency of 180 Hz and a very responsive 108 MP main photo module. Finally, its imposing 4500 mAh battery allows it to last almost 20 hours, and this, in use! You can therefore surf on your Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro all day without being afraid of being cut off.

This article is a sponsored publication provided by RED by SFR.