Xiaomi Black Shark 4: new record on AnTuTu, it leaves the Mi 11 KO in place

The Black Shark 4 will be a little powerhouse. Xiaomi’s brand CEO says he got first place on the AnTuTu benchmark tool. The smartphone should also be equipped with a fast charging of 120 Watts.

Black shark 3
The Black Shark 3

Will the Black Shark 4 be the most powerful gaming smartphone on the market? In any case, this is what Lou Yuzhou, the CEO of the Xiaomi brand, suggests. Indeed, he shared the score obtained by the still unofficial smartphone on the AnTuTu benchmark tool. Without difficulty, the terminal climbs onto the first step of the podium.

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AnTuTu is still a benchmark for many manufacturers despite its absence from the PlayStore. The Black Shark 4, which would be well equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, got the score of 788,505 points on the software. By way of comparison, the Xiaomi Mi 11, unveiled recently and equipped with the same processor, reached 708,000 points.

The Black Shark 4 could therefore become the new benchmark in power. But will that be enough to make it the ultimate gaming smartphone? We will have to wait for more details, especially on his approach to the game aspect, to find out.


Fast charging at 120 Watts

In addition to this impressive score, Black Shark also announced that its smartphone will be equipped a quick charge up to 120 Watts. The terminal would also have a 4,500 mAh battery. With such power, it will take less than 15 minutes to fully charge it, suggests the brand. A small feat. Note that the M10 Ultra also has this technology and recharges in 26 minutes top chrono. Black Shark would have greatly improved it, but it remains to be seen how. Fast recharging indeed has the habit of deteriorating the batteries over time and it will be necessary to remain vigilant on this point.

Either way, the Black Shark 4 is a smartphone to watch. The previous models had seduced us, offering an undeniable quality / price ratio. However, there was a little something missing, especially on the gaming aspect, to really surpass the ROG Phone, king of the segment. Will the fourth version be the right one? Answer soon.