The real threat is Samsung, not Xiaomi

Xiaomi announces two smartphones, and it's heavy!

Good bin, the first, the "Mi Note", is nothing more than a OnePlus One (oh yes, 5.7 inches instead of 5.5 for the One) which costs him € 300, suddenly, at € 450 Mi Note of 64GB, it's 150 € more than the OnePlus One. (I'm talking about the OnePlus One because it's the one I have, but I could also quote the Huawei Honor 6 for example)

For the second, the Snapdragon 810 64bit, yeah, I'm waiting to see benchmarks, but in my opinion (which may be wrong ), the difference in performance is not sufficient to justify such a price card or even a new generation of terminals. And even if there was a difference in performance, it must be a little negligible given the use that most people make of their smartphone. In addition, the 2560×1440 screen, for me (I mean "for me" ), I find it completely useless except for dropping performance in games because the GPU must suddenly make a rendering at a higher resolution, and therefore a number of FPS which is reduced to ultimately reach the level and sometimes in below the level of a Snapdragon 801 with 1080p screen, all this for a difference in image finesse which is barely noticeable unless you stick the smartphone against the eye.

Finally, the price of the latter of 535 € is far from the policy that Xiaomi had initiated with its Mi2, Mi3, Mi4. If they too start to do like Samsung and Apple then they haven't even arrived in Europe yet …

Anyway, I know I'm a grumpy man (but for my part I just consider that I have too much critical thinking ), but I don't see anything "heavy" in these ads.