Xiaomi announces AirDots $ 30 AirPods clones

Xiaomi, the Chinese manufacturer who takes a lot of inspiration from Apple and isn’t afraid to call on the old trillion dollar company, just announced the creation of its new AirDots, a headset AirPod type less than $ 30.

Released on November 11 in China, AirDots include touch controls and a compact charging case. The touchscreen can be used to control volume, answer a call, or mute audio. AirDots are digital assistants that are activated when paired with a Xiaomi smartphone, such as the Mi 8. They also feature “special 7.2mm, 3mm magnetic coils”, which provide more bass and better sound quality.

AirDots have a battery life of up to four hours, which can be extended to five hours if you listen with just one of the headphones. The compact body can recharge a total of three charges, providing up to 12 hours of listening power, even if it is interrupted. Apple’s AirPods last up to five hours for audio playback, which can be extended up to 24 hours with multiple charges in the case, for comparison.

Notable omissions are the lack of noise suppression and certification against water and dust intrusion. We also don’t expect the sound quality to match Apple’s wireless accessories, but unlike the price tag (AirPods sell for around $ 150), that’s understandable.

The new Bluetooth 5.0 headset will cost 199 yuan at launch (around $ 28). We still do not know if the AirDots will come to France, but it is likely that they will be on sale in the first French store.

Nevertheless You can order them from this link for the price and from 43.99 $ but using the following coupon you will benefit from a reduction of 30% – 29.99 $

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Mobvoi’s Ticpods are another option for Android users who want something similar to Apple’s AirPods, but they’re priced a lot closer to the real thing than AirDots.