xCloud will arrive on PC and iOS in the spring

Microsoft has released a long press release reviewing the launch of the Xbox Series X (and Series S). The manufacturer also takes the opportunity to drop a small bomb: xCloud will arrive on PC and iOS next spring. A way to reach as many players as possible, and donc to earn Game Pass subscribers.

Sea of ​​Thieves / Credits: Microsoft, Rare

It’s official, xCloud will be coming to PC and iOS. Microsoft announced it in a press release giving a first assessment of the launch of the Series X. The Cloud Gaming service, only available on Android for the moment, will sail towards new horizons.

The announced date remains rather vague, since Microsoft is talking about a spring release of xCloud on PC and iOS. On PC, it will be directly available on the Xbox app, which gamers are already familiar with. It will also be possible to access it through a browser.

Available via browser on iOS

On iOS, the situation is different, since Apple’s policy does not allow Microsoft to offer a dedicated application as happens on Android. To work around the problem, accessing the catalog will be done directly via the browser. As a reminder, access to games via the cloud is via the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. For 13 euros per month, it includes access to games on console, PC as well as in the Cloud (via Android only for the moment).

Microsoft takes the opportunity to give a few figures, but is careful not to give the number of Xbox sold. Thus, we learn that 1.6 million game updates were made via Smart Delivery and that 40% of Series X or S buyers did not have an Xbox account before that. Microsoft also cites record sales in Europe for the Series, especially in France and Germany, but does not go into detail. Pity.

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In any case, Microsoft’s strategy is focused on services and this variation of the Cloud on two new platforms is proof of this. Hundreds of games are already available there and it is possible to launch flagship titles of the Xbox license, such as Sea of ​​Thieves or Gears 5, only through the cloud.

Source: Microsoft