Xbox Series X / S: Microsoft repairs Quick Resume and cross-gen performance

An Xbox manager acknowledges the existence of glitches in the Quick Resume feature as well as performance issues with some cross gen games. Microsoft teams are preparing a fix, in collaboration with the developers.

Xbox Series XS

When comparing the problems of the PlayStation 5 with those of the Xbox Series X or the S Series, we realize that the Microsoft console is comparatively relatively untouched by the discovery of major bugs. Which doesn’t mean that the new Xbox Series are completely free from technical issues.

For now, it seems that the console is underperforming compared to its actual capabilities. Even though the Xbox Series X is on paper more powerful than the PS5. Without counting problems loading some games. The firm thus recognizes that it is in the process of repairing two problems. Foremost among which are Quick Resume feature glitches, which allows you to launch games faster and find your game where you left off even if you restart the console.

Microsoft says not all developers can get the most from the Xbox Series X yet

Apparently some games were not optimized for this promising feature, causing the console to shut down – leading most users to turn it off.

The other concern that Microsoft is working on are performance issues with some third-party games. According to one of the heads of the Xbox division, Jason Ronald, these two problems would be the fault of the developers. Jason Ronald in fact explains that as “Developers learn to take advantage” Xbox Series X, “Different types of problems can arise”.

“In some cases, it’s just bugs in the titles – and we’re working closely with them, and the developers will go ahead and fix these bugs, as they are as involved as us in delivering a premium experience. In other cases, it’s about learning how to use this next gen platform, explains Jason Ronald. As for the Quick Resume, for the time being, Microsoft prefers to deactivate it and repair it individually for each game.

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Over twenty titles are now optimized for Quick Resume, which includes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. And the list is growing rapidly. To believe the manager, We should therefore really discover the full potential of the console and its strengths against the PS5 in the coming weeks..