Xbox Series X: Microsoft is putting pressure on AMD to quickly return the console to stock

Microsoft is working on a quick return to stock of the Xbox Series X. For this, the Redmond firm is trying to convince AMD to speed up production of the components necessary for the creation of the console. Exchanges would have taken place between the leaders of the two companies. The Xbox Series S is also affected.

xbox series x sales
Credit: Microsoft

We regularly mention in our columns the stock problems of Sony’s PlayStation 5. Whether it is the standard version or the Digital Edition, the console is very difficult to buy. And when a few consoles are again offered for sale, the volumes are so low that they disappear in seconds. What makes the happiness of the smart ones who resell it at a high price on the market places, like eBay.

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This situation is not exclusive to the PS5. Its competitor, the Xbox Series X is also the victim of a general out of stock. The same goes for its little sister, the Xbox Series S. Microsoft’s two next-gen consoles are also quite difficult to obtain, even if the stocks disappear more slowly. In November 2020, Microsoft, through the voice of its CFO, explained that the console would still be difficult to obtain until April 2021.

Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox branch, has spoken out on several occasions about these stock issues. He did it again with Larry Hryb, alias Major Nelson, on the occasion of the latter’s last podcast for 2020. In this audio document, Phil Spencer looks back on this very special year, when the company launched two consoles in the midst of a global pandemic. With all the problems that this can cause.

AMD would be one of the bottlenecks

He says his first concern is getting the console back in stock. He explains that factories are making as many consoles as possible and that Microsoft is working with its supplier partners to increase inventory, especially AMD, designer of the technical platform (CPU and GPU) of the Xbox Series X and Series S. Phil Spencer claims to have regularly on the phone Lisa Su, boss of AMD, to ask her how to get more components.

Because it seems that there is a bottleneck at the foundry level. The latter not only supplies Microsoft, but also Sony, since the PlayStation 5 also runs on a CPU and GPU created by AMD. It is quite possible that there is a communicating slime effect between the two consoles: when Sony asks for more components, it is to the detriment of Microsoft. And vice versa. This would partly explain why both consoles are difficult to obtain in stores.

Source: Microsoft / Major Nelson