Xbox Series X: Halo Infinite will finally be released in late 2021

Halo Infinite, the flagship game of the Xbox Series X, will finally arrive a year after the console’s release, since it is now scheduled for the end of 2021. A staggered release to allow teams from 343 Industries to polish the game after having tried many reviews.


Halo Infinite is the flagship game of the Xbox Series X. It proudly sits on the console cardboard and Microsoft relies heavily on its license to sell its product. However, the title developed by 343 Industries is long overdue. It has just been pushed back again and is now scheduled for the end of 2021.

We will therefore have to wait one more year for the fans. Note that the game will be released on Xbox Series X, S, but also on PC, since Microsoft relies on a unified ecosystem around its Game Pass service and the Cloud.

Development in pain

Halo Infinite was slated for release in November 2020, the same day as the new Xbox Series X console. Microsoft had promised it time and time again: yes, Halo Infinite will be the machine’s exclusive launch title. But last July, a dramatic turn of events. During an online presentation, a long gameplay video is unveiled to the general public. As we all waited for a graphic slap, the game went turned out to be visually poor, less beautiful than the previous part on Xbox One, even. The symbol of this rout is the Brute (an enemy of the game) nicknamed Craig by fans, with a more than questionable model.

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In the face of criticism, Microsoft was forced to make a difficult decision in August: delay the game for the course of the year 2021, depriving the Series X of its exclusive carrier. Today, the Redmond firm is a little more specific about the launch window. It will therefore be for “fall 2021”, ie probably in October, November or December.

The Xbox Series X has all the same others excluded to offer. Microsoft is indeed relying on its acquisitions, including Bethesda, Obsidian or Ninja Theory to feed its already well-supplied catalog. Note that the aspect is also put on the services, like the Game Pass or xCloud, which will arrive on iOS and PC next spring, announced Microsoft.

Source: 343 Industries