Xbox Series X and S: Microsoft wants to be inspired by the DualSense of the PS5 to improve its controller

Xbox Series X and S owners have received an amazing poll from Microsoft. The latter’s questions are particularly interested in the DualSense of the PS5 and in particular the many features that the Xbox controller does not have. However, this survey does not necessarily mean that the manufacturer is preparing to offer a new version of the controller.

Xbox Series X Controller

If the console war is the worst thing in the industry according to Phil Spencer, nothing prevents some from being inspired by the other. It would seem in any case that it is the opinion of Microsoft, which sent a survey to the owners of Xbox X and S which leaves little room for doubt. Thanks to its impressive number of new features, DualSense undoubtedly helped the PS5 achieve the best launch in console history in the United States. A technological backwardness which Microsoft is clearly aware of, in view of the questions asked of the players.

In the survey, the manufacturer notably asks users if they “Know the features found on PlayStation controllers” and if they “Would like to have them on the controller supplied with the [Xbox]”. Microsoft has in fact opted for a more or less classic reissue of the controller introduced with the Xbox 360, preferring instead to focus on the compatibility of the latter with a maximum of devices. Although DualSense is officially compatible with Steam, it is primarily recognized for the many possibilities it offers to developers.

Microsoft asks gamers for feedback on Sony’s DualSense

As you might expect, rumors of a possible new xbox controller have arisen. The latter are also based on the few patents filed by Microsoft and concerning among others a concept of adaptive triggers. Nevertheless, it will surely be necessary to be patient before such a project sees the light of day. Launching a new controller on the market is not only done according to the goodwill of the manufacturer, and must rather take into account the game library already available on the concerned console.

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Indeed, who says new features, says integration of these into games. However, the Xbox Series X and S being released on November 13, the developers have obviously not taken into account the possible wishes of Microsoft to make improvements to its controller. De facto, it would not be not very profitable for players to purchase a new controller so the functionality could not be experienced on the games currently available anyway. It is for this same reason that Sony preferred to wait for the launch of the PS5 to offer a new DualSense.

Source: techradar