Xbox Series X and One finally enjoy YouTube in HDR

The YouTube app finally supports HDR on Xbox consoles. This HDR compatibility applies to the latest Xbox Series X and Series S and also the Xbox One, One S and One X. Meanwhile, functionality is still pending on PS5.

hdr youtube xbox
Credits: Microsoft & YouTube

Better late than never as they say. YouTube has just announced support for HDR on its application from Microsoft consoles. Now, Xbox Series X and Series S owners, but also Xbox One, One S and One X owners will be able to enjoy HDR compatible content on YouTube.

As long as your screen is compatible with this display technology, the YouTube application will automatically activate HDR on videos that offer it. Users have been eagerly awaiting this feature, especially since it has been available on PS4 since 2019.

When they launched in November 2020, the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PS5 did not offer HDR compatibility on YouTube. It is therefore now done for the next generation consoles from Microsoft. On the other hand, it will take patience with the latest machine from Sony.

As our colleagues specify, you will have to go to the “Stats for nerds”And ensure that the application streams your content in the PQ Rec.2020 HDR format with the VP9-2 codec. If so, your video is indeed in HDR. As a reminder, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This is a technology that enhances luminance and corrects color saturation in photo and video content. This process results in more realistic images, with more natural colors and more striking contrasts.

On Xbox Series X, YouTube will stream videos at maximum 4K HDR and 60 frames per second, while on Xbox One S the maximum resolution will be set at 1140p 60 frames per second in HDR. Note that HDR compatible content is rather rare on YouTube. However, dedicated channels exclusively offer HDR content, such as The HDR Channel, on which you can enjoy gameplay clips, trailers, animated short films, among others.

Source: Engadget