Xbox Live Gold goes to € 9 / month: Microsoft increases the price by € 2

Microsoft is announcing an increase in the Xbox Live Gold subscription. The price in France will increase to 9 euros per month instead of 7 euros and to 24 euros per quarter instead of 20 euros. The half-yearly package goes to 48 euros, instead of 30 euros. And, “very good news” for French players: the increase in France is much stronger than in the United States. Who are we laughing at ?

xbox live gold price increase

Xbox Live Gold is a service that has been launched in 2002. Its objective was simple: to perpetuate the multiplayer. Because dedicating servers for online gaming costs money. The price of the service has increased only slightly in 18 years of service. It was increased 10 years ago. To fight competition from Sony’s PlayStation Plus, Microsoft decided in 2013 to include games that subscribers could include in their library each month.

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In France, the price of Xbox Live Gold has so far been 7 euros for a month and 20 euros for three months, or 4 euros reduction. Previously, it was possible to opt for an annual formula. But this one was unfortunately deleted. It was offered at 60 euros. It was a great offer. Too beautiful, certainly.

2 euros more per month, 4 euros more per quarter

That is why the price will go up. And not just a little. Indeed, after announcing in the United States that the prices were going to be revised upwards, Microsoft confirmed that France (and certainly for Europe) will obviously be concerned by a revaluation of the tariffs. According to information communicated by Microsoft France to the editorial staff of PhonAndroid, the monthly subscription changes to 9 euros, or 2 euros increase. Quarterly subscription changes to 24 euros, or 4 euros increase. And always a 3 euro discount because you are loyal for 3 months.

And finally, the half-yearly offer goes to 48 euros, instead of 30 euros which were requested of you until now. Be a annual rate which increases to 96 euros. The 12 months of Xbox Live have therefore increased by 36 euros. Or the equivalent of five months of subscription at the old rate. It’s a nice increase. Let’s do a bit of trouble and see what that comes out as a percentage. 29% on the monthly rate. 20% on the quarterly rate.

But the worst is yet to come. Because, the increase is 60% on the half-yearly rate. In addition, this half-yearly offer is no longer of any economic interest compared to the quarterly offer. Worse, you save 1 euro cent by choosing the latter. Previously, the semi-annual offer had a big advantage. This is no longer the case. What a pity !

The French must pay more than the Americans!

This European increase is all the more aberrant as it is much stronger than in the United States. Across the Atlantic, the price of Xbox Live Gold is currently 10 dollars and 25 dollars. The price of the monthly subscription changes to 11 dollars. And that of the quarterly subscription to 30 dollars. That is 10% and 25% increase, respectively. In addition, Microsoft announces the arrival ofa new semi-annual offer, offered at 60 dollars. Either the price of the old annual subscription.

This increase does not include any improvement in service, unfortunately. However, it could be related to the various supply and manufacturing issues of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. Like the PlayStation 5, Microsoft consoles are experiencing a shortage of certain raw materials and components, causing losses. repeated stockouts and increased production costs. The price of the console may not increase. But those in associated services should.

First Xbox Live Gold before Xbox Game Pass?

Taking this thought a step further, we cannot help but think that this is only a first step. Indeed, Microsoft offers two subscriptions for its Xbox: Xbox Live Gold and … Xbox Game Pass. It seems obvious to us that the Xbox Game Pass will also see its prices revised upwards. In particular the most complete formula, the famous Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The latter includes, for 13 euros per month, a hundred games to play on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and on PC, Xbox Live Gold, the service xCloud and the games offered by the offer EA Play. According to some rumors, the Ubisoft + offer could also join the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. With such completeness, this subscription could soon be more expensive, a hypothesis that we had already mentioned previously.