Xbox Game Pass: EA Play won’t arrive in PC Game Pass until 2021

EA Play will not arrive on the PC Game Pass offer until the year 2021. Microsoft announced this in a blog post, saying it needs more time to integrate it. The offer has already been available for more than a month for console players.

star wars jedi fallen order xbox game pass ultimate
Jedi Fallen Order. Credit: EA

The integration of the EA Play offer in the Game Pass is a big blow for Microsoft. Since last November, players with an Xbox One or Series X can enjoy the studio titles included in their Game Pass membership. For PC gamers, the thing was supposed to be accessible on December 15th. But instead of announcing its release, Microsoft said that it would not be available before 2021.

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A delay which only concerns the PC version of Game Pass and which does not affect console players. Microsoft did not give a specific reason for this postponement, just making it clear that he needed more time.

“Unfortunately, we’re going to have to ask you to be patient with a little more patience: we’ve decided to push back the availability of EA Play in Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so the service will arrive in 2021.” . “

The Game Pass, a major offer for Microsoft

This partnership with EA is not in question. EA Play will arrive well for PC subscribers and it will be possible to access the publisher’s catalog through the Game Pass application on Windows. To enjoy, you will need to subscribe to the service. For PC gamers, two offers are available. The first is 10 euros per month and gives access to the catalog without limit. The second, the Ultimate offer, is 13 euros per month and includes access to console games. In addition to that, it allows you to play the titles of the Game Pass catalog in the Cloud via the Android application. Note that next year, the Cloud will also be accessible on PC as well as on iOS.

EA Play is a service that offers a library of games from the publisher for a subscription, but also additional services such as the possibility to try titles before their official release or even discounts on digital purchases. Combined with the Game Pass, this offer is very interesting, the EA catalog being extremely rich.

Source: Microsoft