Xbox Game Pass: Doom Eternal, Control, here is the list of the 17 new games for December 2020

The Xbox Game Pass welcomes seventeen new games to its service this month, and there are heavy loads! Indeed, Microsoft will offer its subscribers to play titles like Doom Eternal, Control, Greedfall or Dragon Quest IX. A perfect offer to occupy those long winter evenings.

Xbox Game Pass

The Xbox Game Pass ends 2020 on a high note! Indeed, the service of Microsoft welcomes from December 3 a list of 17 new games. Among them, large and recent titles that should attract new subscribers.

Among the headlines offered, we note the presence of DOOM Eternal. The Bethesda game (now owned by Microsoft), released earlier this year, was already available on the service for console players. This time it becomes playable on PC. Perfect for those who like to chain demons to the keyboard / mouse combo.

Remedy’s TPS Control (2019) is also making its debut for console players and can also be launched on Android via xCloud. At the same time, we note the arrival of Rage 2 on xCloud, or the French role-playing game Greedfall on PC, console and Android. Last headline to arrive: Dragon Quest IX on console and PC. The rest of the selection is made up of games, each more interesting than the last. Superhot, for example, is available on console and xCloud, just like Star bound, Yes Your Grace or the very good Va11 Hall-A. From December 15, games from the EA Play service will be available at no additional cost on the service.

Arrivals, but also departures

These arrivals also hide departures. From December 3, PES 2020, Metro Last Light, The Turing Test or Untitled Goose Game (console) will no longer be available. The other side of the coin for a subscription service where the user does not own its games.

If you’ve never been a Game Pass subscriber, so it’s time to crack, especially that Microsoft is deploying great means to seduce. The first three months of Game Pass Ultimate, which allows you to play on PC, console and Android via the Cloud, are $ 1 (compared to 13 per month). However, it should be noted that this offer has been announced for the United States and it is not known if it will also be offered in France.