Xbox Game Pass: Control and The Medium are coming to the service soon

The Xbox Game Pass will soon see strong titles arrive on its dedicated PC service. Indeed, the game Control, developed by Remedy, will be available this week. The Medium, on which Microsoft relies heavily at the start of the year, will be playable at the end of the month.


The Xbox Game Pass allows you to play a large catalog of games for 10 euros or 13 euros per month (depending on the offers). However, they are not the same depending on the platform and some are available on consoles and absent on PC, and vice versa. This was the case for Control, present only on Xbox and xCloud. It will finally be playable on PC in a few days

Indeed, Microsoft announced the arrival of the game on its PC application this week. We won’t have to wait long, since will be available Thursday, January 21. As a reminder, Control is the latest from the Finnish studio Remedy, creator of Max Payne, Alan Wake or more recently Quantum Break.

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The month of January will also see the arrival of another strong title on Game Pass, both on PC and on consoles: The Medium. This horror game, which is furiously reminiscent of Silent Hill, will put us in command of Marianne, a medium capable of traveling between two worlds. A game to be reserved for an informed public. An exclusive title which will carry the service at the start of the year and which will be available in box and on the Game Pass on January 28.

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft’s weapon of war

The Game Pass is at the center of Microsoft’s policy and must be the engine of this new generation of consoles. The aim is to attract as many subscribers as possible, whether on PC or Series X, by enriching the catalog of games already released, but also new titles. Thus, we can expect that the big excluded will be accessible Day One on the Game Pass, all platforms combined. This will for example be the case with Stalker 2, the thing having been confirmed by the GSC studio.

However, the flip side is that third-party service titles can disappear overnight, leaving the player with his mouth watered. For example, on February 1, titles like Gray or Final Fantasy XV will no longer be available. We must therefore hurry to finish them.