X400: 14 inch ultra thin by MSI

X400: 14 inch ultra thin by MSI

Image 1: X400: 14 inch ultra thin by MSIA new MSI laptop has just appeared. This is the X-Slim X400. Thin, aesthetic and light as its range wants, this laptop should be presented in detail before or during the 2009 edition of Computex.

An economical processor

The X400 fills the hole left between the X320 (13 inches) and the X600 (15.6 inches). It sports indeed, a diagonal of 14 inches. It will be equipped with an ultra-low consumption platform from Intel (CULV). These two characteristics are the only two that are known at present.

The rest of the configuration for this ultra-thin laptop is expected to be released in the coming days. Hopefully at least MSI will have reviewed its hull. On the X340, it easily bends under pressure. Too fine, it gives the impression of a lack of solidity.

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