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WWDC Apple: SDK for Siri & Amazon Echo competitor expected

Siri iphone 6S - WWDC Apple : SDK pour Siri & concurrent d

Siri iphone 6S - WWDC Apple : SDK pour Siri & concurrent d

A few days before its opening, the WWDC 2016 remains as secret on the presentations to expect from Apple. While Google presented a lot of new things in its ecosystem a week ago, Cupertino should follow suit, and it is rumored that the firm could well present an SDK for Siri, and a competitor of Amazon Echo, the home automation brain of the House.

Siri is a few steps ahead of its main competitor since its creation. If with “Say Siri”, Apple has caught up a big part of this delay, it remains that the virtual voice assistant of our iPhone and iPad is unable to chat with third-party applications, and to make them execute actions. This situation could well change as of the next WWDC which opens its doors next June. Thus, developers will be able to program their applications by giving them the possibility of being questioned by Siri, and of sending requests to the latter. In practice, you can for example ask Siri for the titles of the latest news published on World Is Small, or order your Uber without opening the dedicated application.

Siri iphone 6S - WWDC Apple: SDK for Siri & competitor of Amazon Echo expectedAnother big novelty is expected at WWDC. Indeed, it is now the war between the giants of Silicon Valley to know who offers the best home automation assistant. Apple is also slated to enter the industry, introducing a competitor from Amazon Echo and Google Home. In practice, these virtual assistants are in fact connected to the various electronic systems in the house, in order to facilitate the use of the resources installed. You can for example interrogate this artificial from your sofa to start playing your favorite clips.

The site The Information even claims that Apple would work on its equivalent of Echo since 2015, and the final version would be a little more muscular than among competitors. It is said that the device would be equipped with a speaker to reproduce the responses of the AI, a microphone to send your requests, and a WiFi connection, for connectivity to the Internet and to the devices installed in your home.