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WWDC 2016: what to expect for Apple’s keynote?

WWDC 2016 Apple - WWDC 2016 : Keynote Apple (iOS 10, OS X 10.12) à suivre en direct

WWDC 2016 Apple - WWDC 2016 : Keynote Apple (iOS 10, OS X 10.12) à suivre en direct

The Worldwide Developers Conference annualApple will start this Monday with its usual press conference. The Cupertino company should unveil its future updates for iOS, Mac OS X, watchOS and tvOS. It should also offer major redesigns for its Apple Music, Siri, iTunes, HomeKit, App Store, and News applications and services. What to expect during the opening keynote of this WWDC 2016 ?

WWDC 2016 Apple - WWDC 2016: what to expect for the Apple keynote?


Siri will certainly be one of the main subjects of this WWDC. Earlier this year, we learned that Apple plans to launch Siri on the Mac with OS X 10.12, the next version of the major operating system for Mac that will be released today.

Apple Music & iTunes

Apple Music was at the heart of WWDC 2015, as the event marked the official launch of Apple’s music streaming service. This year, the apple brand is expected to unveil its first big update.

Recent reports have revealed that Apple is going to offer a brand new Apple Music app with iOS 10, including a black and white interface and lyric integration. This redesign should also impact related features like Connect. In addition, it could be that iTunes will therefore undergo a redesign of the Apple Music part.

Apple Pay

A report has reported that Apple is working on a system to send money via iMessage, and it may appear in WWDC 2016 (read: Apple: soon sending money between individuals by iMessage?). Deployment of Apple Pay in new countries is also planned for later this year, as well as mobile payments on websites.

iOS 10 & apps

Apple is working on a number of improvements and new features for its own apps in iOS 10, including the ability to hide apps from the iPhone homepage. Paid content in the News app, a standalone app for HomeKit, and Siri-related features in the iOS Remote app are also expected to arrive soon.

macOS 10.12

It seems that Apple will finally change the name of Mac OS X to be in line with its other operating systems: tvOS, watchOS and iOS. The OS that equips Macs should thus take the name of macOS (read: Mac: macOS, the future name of OS X?). In addition, Apple is reportedly considering a feature that would allow unlocking a Mac with the iPhone’s Touch ID, and could demonstrate it live on stage this evening.

Apple Watch

As for the watchOS part of today’s event, few new features have leaked, and Apple could therefore reserve some surprises for us. As a reminder, the firm has just forced developers to offer applications using the native SDK. In addition, payment between friends via Apple Pay from the watch could be part of it. Rather than an Apple Watch 2, WWDC will see the Coach brand present its new range of bracelets to be launched this month, and other collaborations may be announced on stage.


Apple has been the subject of much talk this year about iPhone security and the FBI’s attempts to force the unlocking of the San Bernadino killer’s device. A recent report noted that Apple is working on stronger encryption of iCloud backups and overall security for the iPhone, and tonight’s WWDC 2016 should be an opportunity to say that iOS 10 will be more impassable than ever.