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WSJ: "iOS 6 will reveal the abandonment of Google Maps"

WSJ: "iOS 6 will reveal the abandonment of Google Maps"

Apple will take advantage of the launch of iOS 6 to announce the replacement of the maps provided by Google Maps in favor of its own mapping system in the Maps application, reports the Wall street journal.

The rumor has been running for several weeks now but is almost official. Indeed, the Wall street journal, close to Apple, confirms that the latter is about to announce the abandonment of Google Maps in iOS 6 in favor of its own mapping system, patiently developed for years.

Recall that recent rumors have claimed that Apple’s future mapping system, which is to be integrated into the Maps application, should be given a 3D display. This home-made system would notably use OpenStreetMap cartographic data. An OpenSource mapping service. In addition to OSM, Apple would also use other technologies, including those of Placebase and Poly9, companies bought by Apple in the last two years, and which were specialized in points of interest and that of C3, specialist in 3D modeling which acquired data. military mapping, also bought by the Cupertino company.

By offering its new 3D mapping system, Apple should also offer a Street View mode that would allow three-dimensional viewing of space much more advanced and that would provide a result simply incredible, says the American site.

Remember that the first beta version of iOS 6 should be released during the WWDC which begins on June 11.

This Wednesday, Google will try to counter this announcement with its own conference, supposed to reveal a new dimension for Google Maps.

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