Would Samsung have gone too fast?

Would Samsung have gone too fast?

In turn, Samsung smartphones receive the update to move to Android Lollipop, with a ROM based on Android 5.0.2. The latest is the Galaxy Core Prime, with first availability notifications in Poland.

But maybe the South Korean builder went too fast to work to meet the demand of users wishing to take advantage of new features such as priority ringtones or guest mode, unlike Motorola Mobility, which preferred to delay migration and favor the user experience.

Samsung UK Android Lollipop bugs Micro updates at Samsung (DR; click to enlarge)

The British branch of Samsung has indeed indicated, in response to a question asked on Twitter, that several smartphones of the Galaxy family will receive a minor patch in order to correct bugs affecting Lollipop ROM. The list of affected models has not been provided, but we already know that the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S4 are part of the lot.

Knowing that the migration to Android Lollipop is not yet complete, we can now hope that smartphones that have not yet switched over and that should do so soon will receive the correct update directly …