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Worldpackers is a practical, simple to use and complete application to find accommodation worldwide in exchange for talents or jobs. This community makes it possible to travel differently, to participate in projects and to discover hosts on all continents. Only downsides, the interface is entirely in English and the price of entry into the community is 49 US dollars per year.

In the same spirit as the accommodation services CouchSurfing and the Woofing, Worldpackers is an online service that connects hosts around the world with people looking for accommodation for specific jobs or talents.

Indeed, these alternative trips allow you to discover the world with little money and by getting involved in local projects, in upkeep of places, learning and volunteering in many areas such as eco programs. , NGOs, social projects and daily work.

How does the app work?

Although it is easy to handle, Worldpackers for Android is only available in English. Another downside and not the least, the service requires an entry fee of US $ 49 per year to communicate with hosts around the world and benefit from insurance, support and all the features necessary for travel. The user must also fill in his profile as much as possible by filling in the contact details, the biography, the centers of interest, the languages ​​spoken as well as talents such as gardening, DIY or maintenance. Once a member, you can communicate with the host and reserve your dates directly in the app.

Discover hosts from around the world

The search for hosts is simplified thanks to the search engine with criteria in order to find hosts according to their continent or their country, the type of program: work exchange, social impact with NGOs and local projects or even eco-programs which cover ecovillages, farms and places promoting permaculture. It is also possible to filter the results according to the convenience of the host but especially according to the duration of the trip ranging from a few days to several months.

For each host, a descriptive sheet informs about the nature of the accommodation and the tasks and talents sought for travelers. A full list of on-site amenities is available as well as the essential conditions for making the trip.

An active community

In addition to this link between hosts and travelers, the application Worldpackers also highlights travel and articles made by other people. It is also possible to contact users directly experts having already participated in many projects.