Withings launches its connected scale for babies

Withings launches its connected scale for babies

The French manufacturer announces the arrival of a connected scale to monitor the weight curve of very young children, using an iPhone application.


One more string to the bow of Withings with its new Smart Kid Scale product that the French startup has just announced. It is a connected scale intended to monitor the weight of young children, up to 25Kg. Concretely, this balance is synchronized via Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth, an iPhone application. As a result, parents can monitor their child's weight curve, compare it with standards, and therefore monitor their diet.

The French startup is not its first connected scale. Indeed, it is thanks to its connected scale, launched in 2010 and intended for everyone, that it quickly stood out. Subsequently, Withings released other smart products such as a blood pressure monitor or a Smart Baby Monitor.

This new scale is proposed priced at $ 179.

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