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Withings Home is ready for Apple TV 4

Withings Home is ready for Apple TV 4

Withings Home is ready for Apple TV 4 – iPhone Soft

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withings-home-la-camb-ra-de-sb ipa iphone ipadAfter the app Withings Home, the security camera that also monitors air quality (App, iPhone and iPad, 1/5 – 2 votes, VF, 45.4 MB, iOS 7.0+, Withings) for iOS, Withings has already planned and developed the Apple TV version!

For the record, Apple's tv box will be on sale Monday and delivered a few days later.

home withings apple tv

We tested the French manufacturer's home camera, we can now monitor up to 4 streams on its television.

Tim Cook spoke of our TV revolution, it is certainly with the applications that Apple will be able to redo the iPhone.

Download Withings Home free

withings-home-la-camb-ra-de-sb ipa iphone ipad

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