Rian Johnson - iPhone films

With villains in the movies, Apple has no right to the iPhone

Director Rian Johnson has revealed some curious anecdotes about Apple's policies for using its devices in movies.

Rian Johnson - iPhone movies

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the director Rian Johnson shared some information on how Apple allows its products to be used in film scenes. For example, Apple forbids showing an iPhone in the hands of bad guys:

Ah, another fun thing, but I don't know if I should tell you. Not because there is a secret, but because it will ruin the mystery of the next film I am writing. But did nothing, I’ll tell you because it’s very interesting.

Apple… lets you use iPhones in movies but – and this is crucial when watching a mysterious movie – bad guys can't have iPhones while in the frame.

Beyond this curious anecdote, in its guidelines for the use of devices in movies, Apple says that the products must be present in their best light, in a way or in a context that is favorably reflected on Apple products and on the company . Of course, these rules also apply to TV series.