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Wistron to assemble Apple iPhones in India

wistron - Wistron assemblera les iPhone d

wistron - Wistron assemblera les iPhone d


Posted: January 24 2017
Updated: January 24, 2017

by benjamin

According to information from DigiTimes, Apple would have chosen Wistron as the main manufacturer of new iPhone in India. Production is scheduled to start this year, but the apple brand is still negotiating with the Indian government.

wistron - Wistron to assemble Apple iPhones in India

Foxconn as reinforcement

Still according to the news site, Foxconn and other manufacturers would stand ready to assist Wistron in the event of increased demand. The big boss of the possible next iPhone assembler did not wish to comment on the subject for the moment.

Since its inception, Wistron has focused on the manufacturing of desktop computer equipment. But in recent years, global demand for desktop has experienced a certain decline. In this perspective, the Taiwanese company has invested in the development of devices intended for use in electric vehicles and medical care. With its future partnership with Apple, it will thus attack the smartphone market.

In addition to setting up a production plant in India, the Californian firm also intends to open Apple Stores in the country. To do this, it must produce more than 30% of its iPhone. An element that complicates negotiations with the Indian government …