Free and secure messaging

Wire is a free application for Android allowing you to chat via instant messaging and make group audio and video calls. The platform is distributed under the GPLv3 license and subject to European laws on the protection of private data. Regarding security, the application protects discussions thanks to end-to-end encryption inspired by that of Signal.

The beginnings in the application

A new user can create an account on Android using an email address or a phone number. Thereafter, the user can choose a personal group for family and friends or a Pro group, dedicated to work teams and professionals. It is possible to join an existing group or to add new contacts by sending an invitation link.Wire

Features under the microscope

On the messaging side, the Android application is more provided than the Windows and macOS versions. In addition to conventional instant messaging, Wire allows you to send ephemeral messages which are automatically deleted after a delay ranging from 10 seconds to 4 weeks. The user can also send audio / video messages, animated GIFs, photos, files or drawings. Wire also offers to share its current location or address via Google Maps.

Wire enables quality audio and video calls, in particular through the use of the Opus audio codec. Note that the platform supports a maximum of 10 participants for group audio calls and 4 contacts for video conferences.

Its grip

The application offers a simple, intuitive interface in French. There are many advanced options for managing different devices and personalizing your account.