Windows subscription? Microsoft files Windows 365

Windows 365 inevitably brings to mind the counterpart of Office 365, no longer for office automation but for the operating system itself and the underlying idea of ​​subscription plans for Windows.

Microsoft-logoFor Windows 10, Microsoft has talked about the concept of Windows as a Service and this may have led to believe already a first step in this direction. This is not the case since the boss of the Redmond company clarified that Windows as a Service does not imply changes for Microsoft's business model.

Windows as a Service currently means that new features and functionality, as well as security updates and critical fixes will be provided at " a regular basis "Businesses will be able to control the pace of such deployments.

For Windows 365… this is still the question mark and it is all the more so since we recently learned that Microsoft has registered this mark with the USPTO. This brings us back to rumors from a year ago, whether it's about a monthly subscription for a future Windows or an operating system in the cloud with a fee-for-service for access.

Neowin, who relayed this filing of the Windows 365 brand on January 29, 2015, however, analyzes that it could also simply be a defensive maneuver by Microsoft to ensure that such a brand does not fall into the hands of another company.