Windows games under Linux? With Steam Play, it will be possible

Windows games under Linux?  With Steam Play, it will be possible

Image 1: Windows games on Linux?  With Steam Play, it will be possible

A Reddit member reportedly spotted changes to the GUI Steam which indicate that Valve is currently working on Steam Play, a tool that will install “compatibility tools allowing you to play games from your toy library even if they were designed for other platforms ”.

In practice, this means that you can play Windows games on a SteamOS system (itself being based on Linux). Valve will provide a list of officially supported games, but more adventurous users can try playing other unlisted titles. The publisher warns, however, thatthey might not work properly, or even crash the computer.

Even if emulators such as Wine or DOSBox have existed for a long time, their use always requires certain technical knowledge. The latest developments in SteamOS do not suggest that we will be able to take advantage of the compatibility of Windows games on Linux in the coming months. Valve indeed announces that it is still working hard on its operating system which, years after its launch, is still slow to convince. Beyond video games, Valve’s announcement could open the doors of the Linux software library to Windows software, a contribution of “fresh blood” which would be welcome, as the small software library of Linux is an obstacle to its adoption by the general public.

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