Windows 7: the easy troubleshooting guide

Windows 7: the easy troubleshooting guide

Help, nothing is going right!

Image 1: Windows 7: the easy troubleshooting guide

Your PC fails to start at all ? Or Windows starts, but freezes after a few seconds of use? Or some system modules are not functioning properly and display you strange error messages without warning ? Before you cry out and start reformatting, don’t panic: in 99% of cases, there are one or more ways to troubleshoot the system and ensuring that it is refurbished without losing any data.

Because in most cases it is only a simple configuration error when the machine starts, from a few corrupt kilobytes or even a improperly installed program or drivers. And to solve all these troubles, there is really no need to reinstall the entire system. A few third-party applications or even the basic tools that come with Windows can overcome all ills.

We have listed in this file different school cases, those which pose big hassle to users. Obviously, this list is not intended to be the most exhaustive there is, as Windows problems can be personal and punctual. But she should nonetheless get you out of the most difficult situations. Finally, note that the problems are listed from the most important (Windows no longer starts) to the slightest (some programs do not run).