Windows 7: 15 tips to optimize it

Windows 7: 15 tips to optimize it

Image 1: Windows 7: 15 tips to optimize it

Windows 7: always higher, always stronger!

Even though it was released in 2009, Windows 7 nevertheless, a stable, practical and efficient system remains today. And how about going even further and getting the most out of it with a series of tips? But before starting some of the manipulations described here, it is very strongly advised to save the system (1), or failing this, to make at least a backup of the Registry (2).

1. To shelter the entire system, you have the choice: you can either use the tool built into Windows 7 (accessible from the Control Panel and the tool Backup and restore), or use the good and loyal software services like Macrium Reflect or EaseUS Todo Backup. By the way, note that there are free versions of these two tools, perfectly suited to fulfill their mission of copying and restoration in case of problems.

2. If you do not have time to back up the entire system, make at least one backup of the registry. To do this, press the Start button, and in the search field, enter the term regedit. Meeting on File > Export and save your registry on external media or in the Cloud.

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