Windows 10X works perfectly on the Surface Pro 7, the video proof

Windows 10X has been completely leaked on the net and can be downloaded by users. We have seen the operating system installed on different, sometimes amazing terminals, but what about its actual use? Today, a developer shows us what it looks like on a Surface Pro 7. What to get a good idea of ​​the thing.

Surface Pro

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s future OS. This version of Windows 10 was first designed for terminals with two screens, such as the Surface Neo, but will be also suitable for low power single screen products.

The operating system was leaked and it is now possible to download it and install it on a machine. Designed for ARM systems, it amused the developers who brought it to amazing objects, such as a MacBook M1 or even a Nokia Lumia 950XL. Small exploits which however give few clues about its real use.

Windows 10X on a Surface Pro 7

Developer ADeltaX has installed Windows 10X on a Microsoft Surface Pro 7. The goal is not to show that it is possible, as with other terminals, but to give an overview of the use that we can have of it.

In a short video, it shows the OS touch navigation. Everything is quite fast, but it still gives us an idea of ​​the operations and the way in which the applications and other features are stored. He also takes the opportunity to show the performance of the stylus on this OS, which supports it perfectly. We also have an overview of multitasking, but not Win32 applications, the latter are not yet supported in this release. Last important point: the autonomy does not change compared to the classic version of Windows 10.

Even if there are still a few small jerks, the operating system seems to be ready and is doing well. It remains to be seen what the OS will give in everyday life and if it could be perfect to replace Windows 10 on machines with very little power. Windows 10X could be available in the coming months.