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Windows 10X will be available on single-screen laptops, Microsoft confirms

Image 1 : Windows 10X sera disponible sur les ordinateurs portables à simple écran, confirme Microsoft

Operating system designed for dual-screen mobile devices, such as the Surface Neo, Windows 10X will finally arrive on conventional laptops with only one screen. Microsoft confirmed it yesterday.

Image 1: Windows 10X will be available on single-screen laptops, Microsoft confirmsCrédits: Microsoft

Microsoft has just completely revised its copy around Windows 10X. Originally intended for dual-screen mobile devices, it will finally be accessible to single-screen devices. This announcement coincides with the postponement of the Surface Neo announcement last October and which was due out in late 2020.

Towards smartphones running Windows 10X?

Corridor noises announcing the arrival of Windows 10X on single-screen mobile devices have been amplifying for months. Last October, Microsoft had leaked on its own site a confidential document in which the editor unveiled his projects for the operating system. But since then, no information has come to confirm or deny these intentions.

Microsoft yesterday posted on their blog that his attention was now focused on a single screen version of Windows 10X. Panos Panay, Product Manager, explains: The flexibility of Windows 10X design has allowed us to shift our approach to single-notch devices where the power of the cloud helps consumers work, learn and play in new forms.

The main reason for this change in approach ishas decided to push back dual-screen devices, whose Neo surface, originally planned for the 2020 holiday period and the Surface Duo with its innovative photo sensor. The editor considers that the market is not mature : These single-screen devices will be the first expression of Windows 10X for our customers, and we look forward to the right time, in partnership with our manufacturers, to bring dual-screen devices to the market.

Source: Microsoft