Windows 10X runs like clockwork on M1 Macs and old Nokia

Windows 10X can run on all kinds of machines. The developers have fun installing it on several terminals, and some are amazing. For example, we have seen Windows 10X run on a Nokia Lumia smartphone, on a MacBook with M1 processor or on a Surface Go.

Windows 10X single screen

Windows 10X is available for download in a leaked version. This new Microsoft OS was first designed for terminals with two screens, the Surface Neo in mind, but will ultimately be adapted to low power single display devices.

The developers have already got their hands on this new OS and we got to see what it looks like. We have here an operating system adopting roughly the same operation as Windows 10 in its use, but very simplified. Its main advantage is that it is designed for ARM processors while being able to launch Win32 applications through the cloud.

Windows 10X runs on a Lumia

Developers have had fun installing the OS on all kinds of machines, sometimes amazing. On Twitter, a certain Gustave Monce even made it turn on an old Nokia Lumia 950 XL! Other terminals were also used as guinea pigs.

Another Twittos named Daniel Cornev has it for example installed on a Surface Go, equipped with a very low power Intel Gold processor. If Windows 10X works well, it still notes some limitations, the camera is disabled, as the WiFi.

Finally, a developer by the name of @imbushuo installed Windows 10X on his MacBook with an M1 processor. As a reminder, the M1 processor presented by Apple a few months ago is based on an ARM architecture. It can therefore perfectly accommodate Windows 10X.

However, it should be noted that installation is not necessarily easy on these machines, and especially not necessarily useful. However, the feat is there. Windows 10X is not yet officially availablet, but it should happen soon. It will equip low-power terminals with a single screen, but is also suitable for the use of two screens. The Surface Neo, which should be the spearhead of the OS when it is released, is still missing and we are awaiting news from Microsoft about it.