Windows 10X leaked, operating system is available for download

You can now test Windows 10X. Microsoft’s brand new operating system, which is officially launched next spring, has leaked onto the web. The version available for download is however not a final version and may present some stability concerns.

Windows 10X single screen

At the start of 2020, it was already possible to test Windows 10X from an emulator. The first users were able to take charge of a revisited and modernized operating system before its official launch. Initially developed for dual screen devicesMicrosoft has also designed an all-in-one version for tablets and PCs. The latter is now ready and is available for download.

We already knew that Windows 10X would be ready last December, but would be compatible with few applications. Indeed, it will be impossible to launch Win32 applications locally. We therefore have confirmation that the operating system is almost ready to use. Almost, because according to some internal sources there is still some stability, performance and various bugs concerns to correct. Microsoft should in any case meet the deadlines announced for the next spring.

Windows 10X is already available for download

However, no need to wait until then to get the new operating system. The OS has indeed leaked on the web in recent days. Microsoft having announced that Windows 10X will first be available on laptops with a single screen, it is this version that is now available. According to early users, the system offers a modern experience pleasant to take in hand, in particular thanks to its clean interface.

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The official dual-screen version should be around soon, according to Microsoft, which said: “Windows 10X was designed for flexibility and that flexibility has allowed us to shift our focus to single screen devices that harness the power of the cloud to help our customers work, learn and play in different ways. […] We will keep looking for the right time […] to bring dual screen devices to the market. ”

Source: Softpedia News