Windows 10: Word benefits from a corrector boosted by an AI

Microsoft Word on Windows 10 now has a new grammar checker assisted by artificial intelligence. Thanks to machine learning, this corrector will adapt to your writing and can make suggestions to improve your syntax, integrate inclusiveness or even refine the clarity of your words.

microsoft word
Credit: Microsoft

After a brilliant change in the look of Excel and Word during the summer of 2020, Microsoft continues to integrate new features into the flagship software of the Office Suite. On Thursday, December 24, 2020, the Redmond firm announces the arrival of a new grammar checker on Microsoft Word.

The main feature of this corrector is that it is assisted by a artificial intelligence. Through machine learning, also called machine learning, the corrector will be able to do advanced suggestions on your writing style, on inclusiveness, or even on the tone used. In addition, the tool will also highlight sensitive geopolitical references (probably to save you trouble on social networks we do not know).

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A tool to improve your writing

As explained by our colleagues from the Windows Latest site, this corrector aims to improve your writing as a whole. By selecting a word and pressing SHIFT + F10 or Alt + Down, the tool will display a submenu in which you can find proposals for synonyms, or details on the different meanings of the word in question.

In addition, the corrector also includes a plagiarism checker, useful for ensuring that your work has not been shamelessly copied, or conversely if it turns out to be too close to content published on the web. At this time, this editor is only available to members of the Insider program. If this is the case, be sure to use version 2010 (Build 13328.20000).

It only remains to hope that the feature will be available to all users very soon. As a reminder, Microsoft intends to accelerate the arrival of new features on Windows 10, via a new process called Windows Feature Experience Pack. According to the statements of the Redmond firm, the “small” updates will be more numerous and will allow users to take advantage of new features more regularly. These minor updates will have the advantage of being very quick to install, in less than 90 seconds according to Microsoft.

Source: Windows Latest