Windows 10: voice control will be available in October 2021 according to Microsoft

Voice control on Windows 10 is coming soon! Microsoft has announced that it is working on a feature allowing users to navigate through files and applications using their voice, which should arrive with the October 2021 update. The firm assures us that voice files containing personal information will not be saved.

Windows 10 voice control

If after 6 years, Cortana has finally found a utility by allowing you to search for a file directly with your voice, Microsoft obviously does not intend to stop there. The firm has indeed announced that it is working on a voice command. Scheduled for updatingOctober 2021, it will be much more advanced than the Windows 10 assistant since it will be present in explorer and in settings, in addition to the start menu.

In fact, it will appear as soon as a field intended for text works with the search tool. It will also be accessible with the shortcut Win + H which launches Windows 10 Narrator. Microsoft is currently testing its new functionality in English, French, Portuguese Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin. However, not all regions of the globe will be able to benefit from the system as soon as it is released, due to linguistic differences that may exist depending on the geographical area.

Windows 10 voice control explorer

Voice control gets better the more you use it

“Your daily use of voice control could improve the accuracy of the app for anyone speaking your language”Microsoft explains. “If you decide to contribute with voice samples, these will be analyzed by the Microsoft teams”. On the other hand, the firm ensures that the user’s voice will not be not linked to his account, and any personal information contained in the samples will be erased.

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If you still want to disable the feature, this is quite possible from the settings of Windows 10. While version 1903 of May 2019 is no longer supported since the beginning of December, Microsoft is therefore preparing future new features of the system. operating system and obviously seeks to offer other ways of navigating it, as shown by the arrival of the virtual keyboard last September.

Source: Windows Latest