Windows 10: VLC’s universal app, it’s coming soon

Windows 10: VLC's universal app, it's coming soon

Image 1: Windows 10: VLC's universal app is coming soon

VLC, the famous reader multimedia and multiformat, will soon be released asuniversal application. A single application, a single interface and identical functionality for all devices running on Windows 10, this is an interesting program.

For the past few months, Microsoft has been relying heavily on its standardized applications, regardless of which machine Windows 10 is running on: computer, mobile, Xbox One, IoT, HoloLens… If some UWP (Universal Windows Platform) applications have already emerged, there are still a lot missing, starting with a really powerful multimedia player. Fortunately, the VLC development team is working on such a port. The first edition of the universal application of VLC will therefore soon be released and will have features similar to that currently found on the Windows Store. We should nevertheless take advantage of functions such as research, the possibility of loading covers from the Web, support for Continuum and Cortana, animated tiles in the Start menu or even support for notifications.

An edition version of the application for Windows 10 PC is scheduled for mid-May. A closed beta should also be released earlier this month. But in reality, the first edition to be released will be the one dedicated to Windows 10 Mobile : a public beta should be available next week, the final release being scheduled for early May. The VLC development team also plans to apply the universal application of VLC to Xbox One by this summer, and produce a version dedicated to Windows 10 IoT (for Raspberry 3 and eventually Raspberry 2). Finally, a project to wear glasses HoloLens is also under study.

And the old devices still under Windows 8 and Windows RT ? The VLC team is not abandoning them for the moment, since a new version of the application already available on the Windows Store will be released in May. However, it will be the last edition, since the developers of VLC then decided to stop the support for old OS.

Image 2: Windows 10: the universal VLC app is coming soon

Image 3: Windows 10: VLC's universal app is coming soon

Image 4: Windows 10: the universal VLC app is coming soon