Windows 10 Update KB4586853 fixes Blue Screen of Death and driver issues

Microsoft has just released an update that corrects a very annoying bug that has been present for several months on the operating system. Some users have indeed suffered random crashes with the famous Blue Screen of Death. The thing is now fixed if you update your machine.

Windows 10 blue screen BSOD

Some Windows 10 users have been facing a very difficult situation for several months. In fact, PCs updated with the May or October 2020 OS update suffer random crashes. Microsoft corrects this annoying bug today.

These crashes appeared with the May update. Some users however, saw it appear with that of October. Randomly, the system stopped dead, falling on the famous blue screen of death. The latter displayed this error message:


Note that this concern only affected a very small portion of users. As Windows Latest notes, this bug only affected PCs with not updated drivers and those with a Thunderbolt port. This hasn’t stopped Microsoft from working on the issue and the manufacturer just rolled out this new update which fixes this problem.

An update that will install itself

To download this update, just go to the Settings Windows 10, then go to the section Update and security. In the first tab, Windows Update, you must then click on Show optional updates and download the update Windows 10 KB4586853. If you don’t, no worries, it will be part of the December security update which will download on its own in the coming days. It fixes the bugs leading to the Blue Screen of Death, but also other less annoying little issues, such as an incessant restart cycle when you try to shut down your PC

This year 2020 is not a piece of fun for users of Windows 10. We will remember, for example, a bug that killed SSDs slowly on each restart. The latter was fixed a few weeks ago, but has given users a cold sweat.

Source: Windows Latest