Windows 10 Tips 2019 – Performance Tips

In short: do you have Windows 10 PC or laptop? obviously yes, that’s why you are here. Amm! So, in this series of windows tweaks, we have already released a lot more hacks on Windows 10 earlier and today we are offering viral tips, tricks and tricks for Windows 10 in 2019. These Windows 10 improvements will improve performance from your PC.

Windows 10 is the modern operating system and comes with a lot of amazing features. You already know a lot about this operating system, but there is little you don’t know. Windows 10 operating system has a lot of tips and tricks that will help you to quickly set up this operating system and also help you complete some tasks with just a few clicks. So let’s take a look at the Windows 10 tips and tricks that you can use to customize your operating system to your liking.

In this tutorial, we are going to share the best tools for modifying Windows 10 and the 10 best Windows tips and tricks of 2019 that will help your PC to increase its speed and performance. Before we dive into the main article, we want you to show some Windows 10 facts and unknown hidden information.

Will the next version of Windows be Windows 11?

What is Windows 11? Are you serious? This is what people are spreading fake news all over the place. However, at the moment we are releasing Windows 10 and, as Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows, we are still working on Windows 10 ”. That was the statement by Microsoft developer evangelist Jerry Nixon speaking at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. So why would people think Windows 11 would be Microsoft’s next release?

Let’s take a look at these “Best 2019 tips and tricks for Windows 10”

# 1 Access all Start menu apps

Using this trick, you can show all the apps on your Start menu. All you have to do is click on the option ” All applications “, And you will be able to see them in alphabetical order. As we all know, Windows 10 has the best user interface in its start menu. And the built-in apps provided by Windows 10 make it look brighter and optimize performance.

# 2 get restart and shutdown options from start menu

Click on the option ‘ Food ‘in the Start menu and navigate to the Restart and Shutdown option in the Start menu.

# 3 move and resize tiles in the start menu

By using this best Windows 10 Tweaks and Tricks, you can easily move and resize tiles. To move the tiles, click and hold that title, then drag it to the desired location. To resize a particular tile, click on it with the right mouse button and select the option ” Resize ”From the drop-down list.

# 4 Create multiple offices

First, click on the task view button next to the search bar in the taskbar. You will then notice a button in the lower right corner of your screen titled ” + New office “. Click on it to create a new desktop. Using these best Windows 10 tips and tricks, you can create as many new desktops as you want.

# 5 switch between desktops

Switching between workstations is also one of the last tricks of Windows 10. For this you have to click on the task’s view button and then on one of the thumbnails at the bottom of it. ‘screen to switch to another open office.

# 6 use Snap Assist for split screen view

To use two windows using a split screen, drag the first window to either end of your screen. When you release your mouse button, the window will automatically fit to half your screen. Then Snap Assist displays thumbnails of other windows already open.

# 7 Enable ‘Do Not Track’ in Edge

Another amazing Windows 10 Cheats, Hacks. This option in Windows 10 is disabled by default. If you want to enable this feature, click on the three dot menu and navigate to Settings >> Show advanced settings, then do scroll and activate the option ” Send requests do not track “.

# 8 pin folders in file explorer

There must be quite a few folders that you want to access frequently. To pin these folders in File Explorer, right click on these folders in File Explorer and choose the option ” Pin to Quick Access ”From the drop-down list. These files will be immediately available in the left pane.

# 9 Annotate, highlight and insert notes in Edge

The most fantastic feature is that you can tag web pages in Edge. You can easily rate, write, highlight, and even type right on a website. All you need to do is click on the Edit image on the top right, a purple bar will appear, with tools to draw, highlight, erase, take notes, take screenshots, and share.

# 10 Keyboard navigation in Edge

In the brand new version of Windows 10, you can allow mat, keyboard, or navigation to navigate just by clicking on the three dot menu and then go to Settings >> Show advanced settings and activate the option ‘Always use cursor navigation’. And then, turn it on by pressing F7 .

# 11 Use Dark Theme: Windows 10 Hacks

Now you can easily move your old preinstalled interface to Dark Theme. You need to follow this trick: Settings> Personalization> Colors , scroll down and choose Dark as the app mode.

# 12 Command Prompt Shortcuts (CMD): Windows 10 Settings

Keyboard shortcuts for the command prompt:

  • Ctrl + C / V / A – Copy, Paste, Select All
  • Shift + Previous page / Next page
  • Ctrl + Right / Left Arrow – Text navigation, etc.