Windows 10: the “Threshold 2” update has arrived

Windows 10: the “Threshold 2” update has arrived

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Here we are: after three months of waiting, the first “big” Windows 10 update is finally here. Known so far under the code name of Threshold 2, Windows 10 update is renamed and brings a lot of new features. Here’s how to get there.

This update, which Microsoft has renamed “Windows 10 November Update”, delivers a significant amount of new features. We take advantage for example of a improved start menu, a voice assistant (Cortana) can now be used without creating an account, as well as new applications dedicated to instant messaging (Messages, Telephone and Skype Video). The browser Microsoft Edge is enriched with a DLNA / Miracast streaming function and the possibility of previewing the content of the tabs. The tablet mode is also improving and makes it possible to move or close applications more easily, by simple drag and drop.

Windows 10 Threshold 2: what’s new

To retrieve this update, simply go to the Windows Update, by pressing the button Start and selecting the option Update and security. Microsoft has also updated its download links to Windows 10 ISO files, which you can then burn to DVD or save to a bootable USB drive. ISO files are recovered using the Windows 10 download tool, which is available on the Microsoft.

Remember that an even more substantial update, Redstone, is scheduled for next year. This could be released in two stages starting in summer 2016 and should bring, among other things, the long-awaited extensions from Microsoft Edge.