Windows 10: Tetris in the task manager? Microsoft has used hundreds of CPU cores as pixels!

Microsoft Azure manager shows amazing stress test on Azure servers. The company’s engineers managed to play Tetris in the CPU tab of Windows 10 Task Manager using the 420 Intel Xeon CPU core indicator as pixels!

Windows 10 Tetris Manager

We had already seen a fake circulating that seemed to say that theyou can play Doom via the task manager. The idea is simple: if you have enough CPU cores available, it is possible to occupy them in sequence, which changes its indicator in the task manager from white to blue – the color being more or less dark depending on the rate of use of the heart.

However, we told you that this first “demonstration” was in fact a fake. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. An engineer and manager of Microsoft Azure shows this video in support by playing Tetris just like this. This technical feat was in fact a way of carrying out an extensive stress-test of Azure servers.

Windows 10: Microsoft plays Tetris in task manager during huge Azure stress test

Mark Russinovich explains that he made this video on a particularly large Azure node, with 24 TB of RAM. He thus took generate no less than 420 Intel Xeon virtual cores, just to have enough “pixels” on hand. He then adapted an open source code from a game based on Tetris, to come up with this Tetris / stress-test that was as fun as it was functional.

Of course, for the time being this type of experiment is inaccessible to ordinary people. Indeed, it is only possible to use the utilization rate of hundreds of processor cores as pixels on extremely powerful machines, of the order of those found only in huge data centers.

You must also have the necessary permissions to be able to manipulate the machine at a relatively low level, which is not necessarily possible for a simple user of Azure, AWS or Google Cloud instances. Which probably explains why the head of the Microsoft Azure division is the first to demonstrate the experience.

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But also why it is useless to try to reproduce the thing at home. It remains to be seen whether Mark Russinovich will try the experiment with Doom again, just to see if it’s still possible!