Windows 10: Spartan on smartphone

Windows 10: Spartan on smartphone

On the computer, the last public build 10041 of the Windows 10 technical preview does not offer Project Spartan. On smartphones, the first and for the time being the only official build dates back to February 12… and logically without Project Spartan either.

The fact remains that Project Spartan, which is a universal application (or a Windows App), has already had several leaks. New ones have just appeared and this time for Windows 10 on smartphones.

Universal application requires, no surprise and we find on smartphone the same as on the computer. This applies to the user interface as well as functionality such as the playlist.

These photos published by are however to be taken with some reservations insofar as Microsoft continues to work on Project Spartan and developments before the final product are to be taken into consideration.

Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-1 Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-2 Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-paysage-1 Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-paysage-2 Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-Hub-1 Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-Hub-2 Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-reading-list Project-Spartan-Windows-10-Phone-parameters