Windows 10: Redstone’s first beta coming soon?

Windows 10: Redstone's first beta coming soon?

Image 1: Windows 10: the first beta of Redstone coming soon?

A new version of Windows 10 for smartphone has just been compiled by Microsoft. And it has an evocative name: Redstone. Will a first beta of the next version be released before the end of the year, rather than at the start of next year?

Spotted on the site BuildFeed, the new beta of Windows 10 mobile is entitled 10.0.11082.1000.rs1_release.151210-2021. Among all these figures, there are two letters: “RS”, the acronym for “RedStone”. This code name actually corresponds to the next big update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, the finalized version of which will not be released before mid-2016. This first preview of RedStone, compiled on December 10 and currently available internally only, could be distributed more widely to Windows Insider members, sometimes on PC, sometimes on mobile. Remember that to participate in the Windows Insider program on PC, just go to Windows Update and click on Advanced options > Get Insider Preview builds > To start. On mobile, it is necessary to recover the application Windows Insider and then launch a classic update of the device (menus Settings > Update and security > Phone update).

We expect a lot from Redstone, and in particular the possibility of installing extensions under Chrome, or even better interaction between the mobile OS and that for PC. Much more consistent than Threshold 2, this update for Windows 10 should be released in two stages, with no date specified for the moment.