Windows 10: Patch Tuesday fixes 83 security vulnerabilities, including 10 critical

Microsoft rolled out the very first Patch Tuesday of 2021, which fixes no less than 83 security vulnerabilities. Among them, 10 are critical. There is also the resolution of a zero-day. We recommend that you install the update quickly in order to effectively protect your computer.

Windows 10 Patch Tuesday
Credit: Microsoft

The first Patch Tuesday of the year is out, and we can say that Microsoft has not been idle. After correcting the bug of passwords disappearing last month, the firm tackled a significant number of security breaches. In total, these are 83 vulnerabilities that have been resolved in this new update. The company specifies that 10 of them are classified as critical and 73 as important.

We also find a zero-day in the list of corrected flaws. As a reminder, a zero-day is a type of vulnerability that has not been discovered by the manufacturer or by the community. De facto, it has not yet been documented and there is therefore no developed protection. This is a very important flaw if it turns out that a hacker falls on it before the manufacturer, which would then give rise to what is called a “zero-day exploit”.

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Patch Tuesday also fixes a zero-day flaw

This vulnerability is found within Microsoft Defender, the antivirus built into Windows 10, more particularly in the malware defense tool. Suffice to say that it is therefore very important to perform the update quickly so as not to be at the mercy of a hack. To check that you have the latest version of Microsoft Defender, all you have to do is go to the application settings, in the section “About”.

To date, 30% of users haven’t updated their PC for over a year. If compatibility concerns or significant bugs can explain this refusal to install the latest version of Windows 10, this practice exposes many security risks which can just as damage the computer of the person concerned. We can only recommend that you download this latest Patch Tuesday to avoid any security concerns.