Windows 10: Obsolete Disk Cleanup Tool

Update : The future operation of Storage Sense has been clarified for clarity.


In Windows 10, the disk cleaning tool (cleanmgr.exe) is considered obsolete. This obsolete character has been formalized by Microsoft following the presentation of the new possibilities brought to the Storage Assistant (Storage Sense).

The latest possibility has appeared in Windows 10 Insider Preview with an option using OneDrive online storage to make space on the disk. Old files unused for a certain number of days (30 days by default) and saved in the cloud, can be automatically deleted from the device to make room (they only become available online).

Aside from this cloud aspect, Storage Sense takes over the functionality of the disk cleaning tool and offers manual cleaning (in addition to automatic; not activated by default) to free up space. This allows you to delete temporary files, files in the Recycle Bin, thumbnails, unused files for error reporting, old Windows Update files, etc.


Currently, Microsoft keeps in Windows 10 the disk cleaning tool (cleanmgr.exe) for compatibility reasons, but it is clear that we should not wait for an evolution.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has long undertaken to replace the classic Control Panel via a migration of the tools it offers to more modern applications.

However, also for compatibility reasons, these tools are still kept and the Control Panel remains accessible, even if more discreet than in the past.

There will inevitably come a time to delete code that no longer has its place or that duplicate …